Advantages of Credit Unions

It is a good idea to choose credit unions as they have a long history in helping individuals establish themselves financially. They operate solely for the promotion of thrift, provision of credit and different financial services to the members. The following are some of their advantages.

Fewer Fees

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Most credit unions do not need a minimum balance and offer accounts for free. Additionally, they usually do not charge ATM fees. If you use a credit card from non-participating ATM out of the network, you get to pay for ATM itself. These institutions will, however, not charge you extra fees as traditional banks do.

Better Interest Rates

Mortgages, home equity loans, credit cards, and personal loans usually come with lower interest. Some unions are regulated, so the interest rates on credits and loans do not exceed a given amount. Also, the interest returns from savings, checking accounts and deposit certificates from unions are much higher than those of traditional banks.

Branches and ATMs

Most people believe that credit unions do not have enough branches or ATM locations. However, contrary to this belief most credit unions belong to more extensive networks. This allows you to access a lot of offices and ATM locations in your town or area.

You are a Stake-holder

Banks are profit organizations, meaning their management makes decisions that benefit customers and shareholder. On the other hand, credit unions are non-profit organizations which function like financial cooperatives and not institutions. Their objective is to share profits with union members. This allows them to offer lower rates and fees. It also removes the pressure for them to make money at the expense of the clients. Instead, they can freely make financial decisions that benefit the members. You are, therefore, more of an owner or stakeholder than a customer.

Insured Deposits

Your deposits are usually just like in the banks. The government entity that deals with credit union administration protects balances up to a given amount even when an institution fails. If the institution does not fold, the government entity claims that members will start receiving payments for deposits in three days.

Financial Education

Credit unions take pride in educating the members on making sound financial decisions. They are likely to offer a lot of information on a variety of topics related to finance. These include: managing credit cards, preventing identity theft and investing. Because they care about doing good for the community, they offer seminars and classes for free.people in seminar

Easy Accessibility

If you have spent hours on your phone with the bank’s automated system, you know how unreachable they can be. These small financial institutions tend to offer friendlier and more responsive service.

If you are considering an alternative to traditional banking, then you can choose credit unions. You will take advantage of these benefits if you go for a credit union. You can join myACFCU Johnson City Credit Union as your banking alternative.…

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Advantages Of Online Banking

Online banking is gaining more popularity with time. It enables you to do almost all banking activities without having to go to the bank in person. Some of the banking activities include the transfer of funds to different accounts, paying utility bills, and checking your statements among many other things. Many people are opting to bank online due to the variety of benefits that it offers. Some of the top benefits that you are likely to enjoy are highlighted below.

Top benefits of online banking


Online banking allows you to transact without having to visit the bank in person. All you need is an internet connection and the proper authorization, usually the account name and password. There is no commuting costs involved, no queues, or any other inconveniences experienced with the traditional way of banking. You also do not get to worry about business hours as online banking works 24 hours per day all year round. When it comes to paying bills, you will not have to deal with stamps, lost bank checks, and such problems. You get to pay your bills on time with a process that can be as easy as pressing a key.

Easy filing

Online banking does not involve any paperwork. Every transaction that you make is recorded in digital format online. You can check your account history and view all the transactions that you have ever made. It makes it the fastest way to check if a transaction made has cleared your account. Some banks also allow you to view pending transactions made during the day. This gives you an opportunity to cancel any transaction that you did not authorize or correct any errors that you might have made while transacting. A printout of the history can also be verified by the bank and used as a receipt, in case one is needed.

Quick alerts

Quick alertsOnline banking allows you to get instant alerts and notifications on anything regarding your account or the bank in general. This allows you to get timely information and act on it as appropriate. Examples of notifications that you receive include the launch of new products and activity on your account.

Good security

Online banking provides an extra protection layer against fraud, particularly those that deal with identity. No one can get access to your account unless he has your authorization and the relevant credentials. It is also an opportunity to monitor your account consistently.…